Terms of Service

I provide a professional massage service. Any client who books an appointment is in agreement with the following terms. If these terms of service are broken during the appointment the clients session may be terminated and payment for the entire scheduled appointment will be due in full. 

1. Courtney Bond Mobile Massage offers massages for relaxation and pleasure to aide in relieving stress, unwinding, easing tired muscles, improving circulation and pampering oneself. These services are provided by a masseuse not an RMT and are therfore not eligible for insurance coverage and not considered a form of therapy. 

2. The masseuse will stay fully clothed in professional attire for the entire duration of the appointment. However at the clients request the masseuse is permitted to remove socks and shoes at any point. 

3. Clients are not permitted to touch the masseuse in any inappropriate fashion during their appointment. 

4. Courtney Bond Mobile Massage does not offer any form of sexual services including genital massage or "happy ending". However the additional level of relaxation this act can achieve is recognized and clients are permitted to "happily end" by their own hand during their appointment. For those who choose to do so additional massage oil can be provided.

5. Clients are required to be respectful and courteous to the masseuse during their appointment. Requests for any act that has a sexual basis such as "dirty talk" are not permitted. 

*Online booking is only available to clients in the Ottawa area