Pricing and Packages

Relaxation Massages

I offer in home relaxation massage to help you destress, ease sore muscles, inprove circulation and pamper yourself!

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Relaxation Massage

60 Minute Relaxation Massage


75 Minute Relaxation Massage


90 Minute (1.5hr) Relaxation Massage


120 Minute (2hr) Relaxation Massage


150 Minute (2.5hr) Relaxation Massage


180 Minute (3hr) Relaxation Massage


Wellness Room 

If a client doesnt have a good space to book their massage or just prefer not to have it done in home they can book time in our wellness room located in Glebe. 


Hot Stone Massage

Enhance your relaxation experience and enjoy the increadable feeling and additional relaxation benefits of hot stones incorperated in your relaxation massage.

60 Minute Hot Stone 


75 Minute Hot Stone  


90 Minute Hot Stone  

120 Minute Hot Stone (2hr) 


150 Minutes Hot Stone (2.5hr) 


180 Minute Hot Stone (3hr) 



Loyalty Program

Clients are given a lotalty card at the end of their first appointment. To show my appreciation to my many loyal customers they get their 10th massage at $60 per hour!

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