Frequently Asked Questions

I dont have a place to have the massage done. Can I come to you?
Currently I do not have a location to host clients. This is something that may be available shortly. It may however come with a small additional fee around $20. Follow my facebook page for updates: Courtney Bond Mobile Massage. 

Can I pay extra for "extra" services?

No, I only offer professional services. There is no amount of financial incentive that will change this. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently I accept cash, e-transfer, debit, credit and gift carda. There is a small $2.50 surcharge for credit\debit payments. 

Is there any hidden fees?

No, all fees are included in the prices listed. If the total shown is $100 the final fee will be $100. Clients are welcome to tip and while it is very much appreciated it is not required. *

*There is a small $2.50 surcharge for debit\credit payments.

Do I have to provide payment information to book online?

No, the only information that needs to be provided online is your name and a contact number.

Are coverings offered or required?

I can provide coverings upon request but they are not a requirement. Many of my clients prefer to be entirely nude and uncovered during their appointment.

*Online Booking is only available to clients in the Ottawa area.